Business automation made easy
We help you to integrate IT-services like CRM, VoIP, Email marketing etc.
Get all their benefits, avoid disadvantages and never miss clients requests!
Why Fillean?
Guaranteed data delivery
  • Fillean delivers data in transactional manner: when one service sends related pieces of data, all of them will be surely delivered
  • When a destination service is unavailable Fillean may send data until the service become online
  • You can set rules for data delivering. For example: try once - good for stock exchange order, repeat forever - for any data sent by your client, repeat several times and stop
Business processes contains many steps
  • Fillean contains business process templates for most popular situations in marketing, HR, accountant
  • You can create your own business process with different steps, transforming data if needed
  • We know, your business unique and we can add new steps for using in business processes for your efficiency, just describe your case and we create all needed within a week
New connected services every week
  • No needs to hire software developers to automate your business: just use cloud IT-services and Fillean to integrate them
  • Fillean already connected with some of most popular services like Mailchimp, amoCRM, Google forms and spreadsheets
  • Since a new service connected to Fillean, you can transmit data from it to any other connected services and vice versa using business processes, no needs to connect services pairwise
  • If you care about security and keep some data inside, you can ask your IT-specialists to use Fillean API and create your own connector inside your company
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